Our founder, Don Gregorio Gonzalez Villarreal, was born on March 12th, 1920 in El Carmen, Nuevo Leon. A man of vision with great courage and an outstanding working capacity started the pecan business just after turning 20. It all started as a small family business hiring his brothers and having as a capital a small loan from one of his aunts. He began buying pecans to the producers in his hometown which he processed at home with the assistance of his brothers, using manual crackers and shelling them manually too.

The shelled pecan was commercialized in Monterrey, at small stores which used it as raw material. The small business was growing and he incorporated other workers (women) which contributed to the manual shelling of the pecans. By 1950, when Don Gregorio turned 30 and despite having suffered the lost of his father, he did not intimidate and keeps on trying to expand his business. He established trade relations with U.S.A. customers who provide him with support and he initiates the same year the installation of what would become the first shelling plant in Latin America; this was built in the little town of El Carmen, Nuevo Leon, Don Gregorio’s hometown.

Having reached an industrial level in pecan processing, he required a larger supply of raw material, which at that time he was buying in different zones of the State of Nuevo Leon, such as Bustamante, Villaldama, Los Rayones, General Terān, Aramberri y Zaragoza; besides other Northern States as Coahuila and Chihuahua; and later in Hidalgo and Oaxaca. From then on, the company based its growth mainly on the American market, which has continued for 20 years.

By 1957, he buys a property in the State of Hidalgo (Atotonilco el Grande) where he install another plant with the support of his brother, Mr. Antonio Gonzālez Villarreal and some other brothers and sisters.

He starts working leaving Don Antonio as the responsible of the Administration of the new plant in Mexico City. It is necessary to mention that he always counted on the important collaboration of his wife Doņa Andreita Lazcano de Gonzālez, who thanks to her determination and perseverance would become one of Don Gregorio’s very important ally.

By 1973 the company becomes Nueces y Piņones del Norte, S.A. de C.V. and from 1980 up to date his daughter Rosalba Gonzālez de Garza and her husband Dr. Gerardo Garza Villarreal participate in its managemenet and administration, as well as three of this couple’s children: Manuel, Gregorio and Rosana Garza Gonzālez In recent years we have dealt with export sales to different companies near San Antonio, Texas

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